About us

Our Founders

Michael Evans CEO & Co-founder
Michael is a master of retail, captain of fundraising, and titan of patents (he has over 100. Not too shabby). He brings decades of experience, an eye for design, and a passion for using technology to solve some of our most stubborn problems.
Gregório Faria CTO & Co-founder
Hailing from beautiful Brazil, Greg is a former post-doc from Stanford. In addition to more than 11 years designing state-of-the-art electronic devices, he just can't stop authoring peer-reviewed scientific publications. Want to know more about how Flosstime works? He will walk you through every single detail. Seriously, every one. Go ahead and clear your afternoon.
Duc T. Duong Co-founder & Advisor
Duc comes to us with a PhD from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. Graduating top of his class & with National Science Foundation and Stanford Graduate Fellowships to boot, Duc keeps things moving as smoothly as our premium floss glides between teeth.

Our Vision

A New Approach to an Old Problem

Flosstime is committed to building simple, elegant products to encourage better oral health habits & prevent issues before they become problems. We believe some of the greatest challenges to dental health can be solved with beautiful design, modern technology, and proven habit-forming processes.

Our Story

The magic of Flosstime began at a Stanford University biodesign course, where our 3 founders met for the first time. All three noticed that most advancements in biotechnology focused on treatment, not prevention, which we believe is a major oversight. For example, wouldn't technology designed to prevent getting splinters be more useful than technology designed to remove splinters? We think so too (and we hate splinters almost as much as poor oral hygiene).

With the goal of prevention in mind, our crack team set out to tackle the problem of flossing, or more specifically, the fact that 80% of Americans (80%!) don't floss regularly. Let's put that another way; more people believe ghosts are real than floss regularly. And research shows that skipping flossing leads to a build up of bacteria, gum disease & tooth decay, all of which can result in heart issues, diabetes, birth complications, and even more serious medical problems.

So with risks like that, why don't more people floss? Well, our research shows the two main flossing deterrents are (1) people just forget to floss, and (2) getting the actual floss into people's hands. With that in mind, we developed a product that is so beautiful you hang it in plain sight, features habit-forming technology so flossing is impossible to forget, and has a dispensing method so easy a child can (and should!) use it.

And we're just getting started. Flosstime is the first prevention-focused oral health product available, but we are passionate about revolutionizing all aspects of oral health care.