ClearChoice Reviews

ClearChoice Reviews

The demand for professional dental centers has increased drastically over the last few years because of various factors, including the increase in dental awareness and growth of disposable income of people worldwide.

Besides, factors like changing lifestyles, increasing incidents of dental caries, rising geriatric population, and increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry is continually driving the dental care market.

However, navigating through the market to find the best dental care centers is a difficult task. That’s why today we’ll review one of the best dental implant companies in the market: ClearChoice Reviews.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at ClearChoice dental implant center and how it works. We’ll also look at some Clear Choice reviews to see what customers say about the company.

We hope by the end of this article, you’ll know whether ClearChoice is the right place to get your dental implants.

About ClearChoice

Clear Choice is a dental implant center that’s locally owned and operated by a team of dentists. They’re part of a professional association of implant practices operated by prosthodontists, restorative dentists, and oral surgeons all over the US.

ClearChoice focuses mainly on dental implants. The clinic offers patients services ranging from 3D CT scans to surgical removal of teeth as well as dental implants.

Whether you’re getting a replacement for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full upper arch, the dental center will offer you a custom solution to all your dental needs.

For over 15 years, the company has been offering its customers quality dental implant care, with long-term solutions for acute dental issues. It has improved the quality of life for tens of thousands of people via its unique dental implant approach.

The one location, one-team approach, makes ClearChoice stand out from its competitors, as it aims to help you receive the best treatment without having to travels to different locations.

ClearChoice has over 54 centers in the USA, all aiming to help you get back that glowing smile.

How ClearChoice Works

There are often too many steps involved before you can get a dental implant. All the steps require you to make appointments at various locations.

The normal steps include:

  • Visiting your dentist for a consultation
  • Traveling to a center outfitted with a CT scan
  • Visiting an oral surgeon to get your scan checked
  • Going back to the oral surgeon to get your dental implant
  • Regular visits to your dentist’s office for checkups

As you can see, completing all these steps can be an overwhelming task.  However, the ClearChoice model of treatment rotates around the patient.

ClearChoice’s professional team of dentists, precise imaging, and state-of-the-art dental facilities are all found in one location.  This way, they can provide you with the best experience possible.

You don’t have to go to different locations for each dental implant step; you can access all of them under one roof in ClearChoice dental implant centers.

What’s even better, you don’t have to pay separately for the different services. The center provides you with a fixed price that caters for everything.

Here’s a list of the services provided at ClearChoice:

  • 3D CT scan of your mouth and jawbone
  • Surgical removal of damaged tooth or teeth and replacement with a well-placed dental implant
  • An array of pain management options
  • Design and building of prosthetic teeth at their labs
  • Guidance and support throughout every step, with the availability of 3rd party financing options if required.

According to ClearChoice, getting all these procedures done in one location results in better treatment since you collaborate with a specialist at every step.

One Day Dental Implant Process (Teeth in a day)

This might sound bizarre, but ClearChoice claims it’s possible.  

So what is a one-day dental implant?  It means that your tooth or teeth are extracted, and implants get placed on the same day.

But before the surgery, patients undergo a 3D scan to allow the dentist and surgeon to plan where exactly the implant will be placed.

Dentists take various records before the surgery to confirm the proper aesthetics and function of the new teeth.

So who benefits from this one-day procedure?

The one-day implant is suitable for people who need to switch to dentures but don’t want something that comes in and out of their mouths.

The second group is individuals who have dentures already but want to get rid of them since they can’t tolerate them anymore and want something that stays in their mouths.

The teeth that you receive on the day of the surgery are not the final teeth.  The first set is temporary, but they don’t come out of the mouth. After four months of healing, you will receive your permanent teeth.

A simple breakdown of the ClearChoice One-day dental implant process.

Attending Consultation

First, you attend a free consultation where you get to learn how much the dental implants will cost you, and the doctor gets to design a treatment plan just tailored for you.

Pre-Procedure Exam

If you decide to proceed forward with the dental implants, the doctor finalizes your treatment plan with a prosthodontist, then begins preparing everything you require for the procedure.  Once you’ve completed the examination, you’re ready to proceed with the procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure

You will undergo the procedure and get to go home with your dental implants in place.  The oral surgeon will then fix replacement teeth in your mouth. Though they’ll be temporary, they’ll feel and look real and function just like your natural teeth.

Post Procedure Check-Ups.

You’ll need to stay with the temporary teeth for several weeks or months while you await the implant to heal. During this time, you will go back for regular checkups to ensure everything went according to plan. You’re not charged for this service.

Receiving Your New Teeth

Once you’ve fully healed and your implants have stabilized, ClearChoice will replace the temporary teeth with a new set of teeth.

During the entire treatment process, they’ll be a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons who have training in complex skin, nerve, muscle, and bone treatment to ensure you receive the results that you desire.

Prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and restorative dentists will work together to create a natural tooth for you and improve your smile. ClearChoice makes all its dental implants in their on-site labs.

Pros and Cons of One Day Dental Implants


  • Instant results from one visit
  • Restores facial contour
  • Eliminate sensitivity to cold and hot
  • No invasive periodontal flap surgery needed
  • Lessens your discomfort
  • Less interruption of everyday activities


  • If you often grind your teeth, you may prematurely wear down replacements
  • Risk of infection
  • High risk of implant movement
  • Patience during osseointegration to ensure success

A Complete Experience

Not only does dental implant fix your smiling problem but also your eating and speaking problems.  ClearChoice dental experts will tell you what works for you and what doesn’t.  Throughout the entire process, someone will guide you and keep you informed.

Another advantage of dental implants worth mentioning includes helping patients to avert jawbone loss.  Jawbone loss results from missing teeth, and it affects your whole facial expression. Dental implants will help fix this by preserving your jawbone.

ClearChoice on-site lab creates prosthetic teeth, meaning you don’t have to worry about the quality of implant you’ll receive. You can select the one you desire.

After post-surgical checkups, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of having a dental implant like talking and smiling normally.

Dental Implant Provided by ClearChoice

Single Tooth Implant

If you want to replace a single tooth because you’ve lost it (due to dental caries, periodontal disease, or accident). ClearChoice will provide you with a dental implant that looks and feel like your natural teeth.

Multiple Implants

When you lose two or more teeth, it becomes stressful to eat.  Your sweet natural smile also disappears.  The best solution is to get dental implants.

ClearChoice will implant two or more fixtures into your gums, and the crown will then get attached.  The implant will blend with your other natural teeth, and nobody will even notice that you didn’t have teeth before.

Full Mouth Implant

Individuals who need full upper or lower teeth replacement can also receive their dental implants at ClearChoice.  An oral surgeon will attach an arch on top or bottom of your mouth, and you can regain your full smile.

Because the implants and arch compose of titanium, they’ll fuse to living jaw bone and function as a part of it.

Is ClearChoice Dental Implants right for you?

ClearChoice is among the few dental implant centers that offer you everything under one roof.  From pre-examination to post-surgical checkups, you don’t have to travel anywhere else.

ClearChoice dental implant might be right for you if….

  • There’s a ClearChoice center near you
  • You’ve lost multiple teeth
  • Your jawbone is still intact

Remember, the teeth quality in people vary, so remember to book a free consultation with ClearChoice first.

If you decide to proceed with the treatment, an oral surgeon will take CT scans of your teeth to get an overall idea of what they’ll deal with.

An oral surgeon and your dentist will then work on your treatment plan, while the on-site labs will create you a new tooth.  

You’ll head to the surgery room to get your implants, and your dentists will schedule follow-up appointments.

ClearChoice Cost

It’s hard to specify the exact costs of ClearChoice dental implants.  This is because dental treatment cost varies depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the implants being used.

Based on ClearChoice reviews, the price ranges between $7,000 to $50,000 or higher. Although the lowest price most probably reflects the cost of one dental implant rather than the full cost of the dental procedure.

Generally, the cost of dental implants are:

  • Single-tooth implant – $1,000 to $6,000
  • Full mouth replacement: $40,000 per arch
  • All-on-4s dental implants: $15,000 per arch

What does ClearChoice cost include?

ClearChoice dental implant cost quote at your free consultation will account for all the aspects of your treatment plan, including:

  • Pre-procedure exam
  • Implant surgery
  • Post-procedure follow-up
  • Creation and fitting of prosthetic teeth

At the free consultation, you can request a written copy of estimated costs and totals.

Factors that affect ClearChoice Dental Implants cost

Scope of Reconstruction

 The scope of reconstruction is the major factor that influences ClearChoice cost. Depending on the damage of your natural teeth, you might require a single tooth implant, multiple tooth implants, or full– mouth arch bridges.

If you’re missing just a few teeth from a small segment of your jaw, you might only need single or multiple implants.  But if all your teeth need to be removed or are missing, you need a full- arch bridge or over-denture. 

Anesthesia Used

Dental implant surgeries in ClearChoice can be executed under both general and local anesthesia. It all depends on your doctor’s recommendation or your preference.

Usually, general anesthesia is costlier than using local anesthesia, though you’d be unconscious through the process. 

Anesthesia supplier fee, the clinic fee (covers medications and supplies), and additional staff influence the total price of anesthesia. 

Total procedures and the complexity of the procedure

If you undergo other procedures like sinus lift, extraction, and bone grafting, that are crucial for dental replacement. Your cost might increase significantly.

Where your surgery is performed

ClearChoice dental implants procedure is only available at ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers. This limits how you can negotiate about the cost.

If you want cheaper dental implants, explore other options without the ClearChoice branding.

But remember in dental implants, cheaper options are not the best unless you seek treatments in countries other than the US where the living cost is low.

ClearChoice dental implant cost compared to traditional dental implants.

When compared to traditional dental implants, dental implants from ClearChoice are costlier because you’re not only paying for the dental implants but also the full ClearChoice experience. ClearChoice centers come with teams of professional experts working together and on-site labs.

Caution:  Most customers have reported upselling.  This is where you only need a single or multiple teeth implants, but the dentist recommends you get a full-arch bridge. 

Even though you won’t escape paying huge amounts of money for dental implants, consult other dentists first before proceeding with the procedure.

Dental Insurance

Unfortunately, ClearChoice centers won’t accept dental insurance.  However, they offer you payment plans. Therefore you can pay for the treatment in installments. 

If you want to receive a personalized cost estimate is to schedule a free consultation online with ClearChoice first.

ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers Near Me

According to ClearChoice’s official website, they have over 54 locations throughout the US. The locations include.  

Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, and Wisconsin.

While they do not have offices in every state in the US, they have a clinic in most of the major cities like Texas, New York, California, Florida, and Illinois.

ClearChoice Patients Reviews

Out of every 100 patients, 85 patients are happy with their experience at ClearChoice. Most of them refer to their families and friends. Let’s see what some patients say about ClearChoice. 

Terry Large

Terry Large was not a fun of dentures, but he was experiencing bad dental issues like teeth loss, bone loss, and recurring infections. He’s also has a bridge that broke most of the time.

According to Terry, not only did the dental problems affected him physically but also emotionally (he says he had some crazy ideas).

But today he’s glad that he went to ClearChoice. At first, he doubted if he would qualify as a patient, considering his teeth loss and bone loss were so serious, but ClearChoice accepted him.

After the surgery, he felt relieved for the first time in his life.  The dental implants felt natural in his mouth. Now he can smile after years of being scared of smiling because he feared what people would say about him.

He says he hasn’t experienced any bone loss since the surgery, and he’s pleased that there’s no change in his mouth structure.

The dental implants have given him his confidence back, and now he doesn’t have to hide his mouth when talking to people.

His view of life has changed completely, and he doesn’t feel pain anymore.  He supports his oral hygiene by regular water flossing and brushing his new set of teeth.


For years, Ann had to cover her mouth every time she smiled because she was so ashamed. And every time her dentures slipped, she had to excuse herself to fix them.

She had a gum disease that prevented her from doing a lot of things. With the dentures, she could not eat comfortably, and also she continued experiencing bone loss. Dentures made Ann lose her self-esteem.

After years of suffering, she decided to get dental implants.  Ann heard about ClearChoice and visited the San Antonio center, where she learned about dental implants and how dentures speed up bone loss.

ClearChoice dental implant treatment has completely transformed her life, and now she can rock that glowing smile once more.

Beth S

Over the years, Beth has undergone a lot of dental procedures, and that has made her always nervous whenever she visits a dental office.

She went to ClearChoice because she needed treatment/replacement for her regularly falling upper bridge. The teeth anchoring of her bridge had deteriorated, and there was nothing that could have been done to save it.

Beth was devastated because she had spent lots of money and been through many dental procedures only for her dentures to fall in less than five years. 

Seeking consultation from other dental centers only raised her anxiety levels as the prices were shocking.

On her first consultation with Amy at ClearChoice San Diego center, she received thorough information, which helped her to make the right decision. To her surprise, ClearChoice treatment options were more invasive that she had expected.

Amy responded to all her queries and promptly returned all her calls and emails.  Beth was particularly pleased with how Amy was mindful and effective.  In fact, she found all of the clinic staff members professional, warm, and friendly.

And as for her dental experience, Dr. Sharafi and Dr. Perkins exceeded all her expectations.  After the surgery, she didn’t feel any pain, and her recovery process was smooth and fast; she didn’t expect that.

 Beth says ClearChoice ensured they catered for her needs before they finished the final product.  The team at the center kept her in a loop, and they prepared her for each step. They also helped her manage her anxiety levels by providing her with quality service.

ClearChoice addressed all her concerns, and she received the best service. She says she felt like a valued patient.

Beth has always been conscious and cautious with her teeth for years, but ClearChoice gave her new teeth and a smile.  Beth says the teeth felt stronger, and she can eat without worrying that they will break or fall out like how her old bridge did.

She believes she made a worthy investment and recommends ClearChoice for anyone suffering from dental problems. 

Quick Feedback

Apart from the customer reviews, there are other platforms where customers have provided reviews in regards to their experience with ClearChoice.


Eva received her upper jaw implant three years ago, and ever since, she’s been happy and smiling all the time.  She says Doctor Paik in Colombia ClearChoice center was exceptional. The staff also pleased her with their great service.  Now she can happily take a photo with her grandchildren.

Google Reviews

Pavers was born with terrible teeth. Over the years, they’ve been a constant nightmare for him.  He says he has spent over $75,000 trying everything from implants to caps, and nothing worked.

ClearChoice was his last resort, and he has never been happier. The clinic offered him not only great service but also a great financing program that suited him perfectly.  ClearChoice changed his life.

Yes! There are some negative reviews, too. One customer said that his dental implants become lose in less than three years. The customer wondered whether the implant was worth the $4,500 he paid, or was he given a defective tooth.

Another reviewer warns patients to stay away from ClearChoice because they will pay more than expected for the service that other dental implant clinics offer at a cheaper pay.  The reviewer continues to say that ClearChoice gets you to sign up for their service via their financing offers and advertising gimmicks, and they don’t handle insurance payments.

ClearChoice Pros and Cons


  • Experts hands help you avoid dental implant failures
  • A flat fee to cover everything
  • They can complete the procedure in one day
  • Dental implant priced like in any dental center in the USA
  • Appointments happen at the same center
  • Complete experience
  • Consultation is free
  • You receive personalized treatment


  • Negative reviews
  • Treatment won’t get conducted in your local dental clinic
  • Very expensive


Who is ClearChoice Dental?

ClearChoice is a company that supports a network of professions who provide patients with complex, full-mouth dental implant restoration services.

The services involve the restoration of the aesthetics and function of natural, healthy teeth via a multi-disciplinary approach that combines surgical, restorative, and laboratory functions uniquely. 

All dental implant procedures take place in the same center.  Patients can sign up for a free consultation, attend the consultation, and if they qualify for the treatment, they’re offered the surgery at the same place. 

Since they conduct everything in one place, patients receive a fixed cost to cover the whole dental restoration processes.

What’s the cost of ClearChoice dental implants?

ClearChoice dental implants might cost between $1,000 to $7,000, just like in other dental centers across the US. However, some factors might influence Clear Choice cost: The factors include:

  1. Number of teeth needing repair
  2. The treatment procedure and essential needed
  3. Type of equipment being used
  4. Whether or not your teeth need to go through surgical treatment

Does ClearChoice have dentures?

No. ClearChoice only deals with dental implants.  They don’t offer dentures because they’re inferior, and they cause too much damage to your bone mass and facial structure. According to ClearChoice, using denture is a lesser way to replace lost teeth. They have replacement teeth, but can only be placed by an expert dentist.


ClearChoice dental implant centers have both positive and negative reviews. Although most patients love the dental implant experience they received in these centers, some patients feel like the ClearChoice swindled them.

ClearChoice dental implants might seem costly, but with the right financial option, you might not have to worry.  ClearChoice centers have existed for nearly 15 years and are one of the best destinations to get your dental implant needs and great support.

However, if you think ClearChoice isn’t right for you, consider other dental implant centers like Golpa for your dental needs. You can also consult your dentist for other recommendations.

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