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Insider’s Invisalign Reviews: Everything That You Need to Know

It is a widespread practice that whenever we are about to try something new, we always search it online for its ratings and reviews. When I first heard about Invisalign that it could easily take care of all the issues that my teeth had, I searched over the internet for Invisalign reviews, but I couldn’t find any detail.
That is the reason I have come up with the answers to all of your questions, such as is Invisalign worth it? How much does Invisalign cost and more?
I have covered all the corners about Invisalign in this review that contains my thoughts and experiences without biasedness. This article will tell you everything that you need to know, such as essential facts when it is best to use it, and the user reviews.
If you feel that your bite is slightly off, your teeth are crooked, or you have receding gums, and you are not sure if Invisalign is worth it or not, then read this article till the end.
So without any further ado, let’s jump into it right away!

Shall we?

My First Thoughts!

As described earlier, I performed an extensive search on the internet about Invisalign when I first heard about it. We all know that teeth are one of the most used body parts, and I cannot experiment with something new on them without any assurance. I also needed a mechanism for my teeth because I was too concerned about it because of their crookedness and constant pain. 

In my search hunt, I found outstanding claims and the information that was enough to give me the confidence that one needs. All of those claims and positive information was on the dental websites and the Invisalign providers. But I needed the unbiased, honest, and real reviews from the people who have used them.

Then I deliberately searched, why are Invisalign reviews negative, and what I found was horrific. So, I thought that this is another marketing strategy, and buying that is not worth it. After a few days, one of my friends told me that his uncle used it and he is more than satisfied. I requested my friend to take me to his uncle. That meeting actually was the bedrock, which helped me to start my journey with Invisalign.

My Invisalign Journey

I asked a lot of question from my friend’s uncle about his experience and how does it all works and some of them that I remember are as followed

  • Are there any side effects of using Invisalign?
  • Are you satisfied with your experience?
  • How does it even work?
  • Will all of my issues be gone after using Invisalign?
  • Will I have the perfect smile that I dream of?
  • How much does Invisalign cost?
  • How long does the process take?
  • Are there any risk factors?
  • Is there any possibility of black triangles and gum recession?

But now I can answer all of the questions which are not even mentioned here. It’s been about a year now I am getting the Invisalign treatment, and my journey is about to end as well. So, I can share my experiences with the good and the bad things which sure can help you with your treatment.

The takeaway point here is that my experience is the latest one, so my review will reflect the latest news and information regarding Invisalign. The reason I have come up with this Invisalign review is that I don’t want other people to go through the same hassle that I faced. Because if I had known all of the information that I do now, then my Invisalign journey would have been a lot easier.

Choosing the Right Invisalign Provider

It is one of the most crucial points that you must keep in mind if you are going for your Invisalign treatment. Starting with the best Invisalign provider solves many things for you as you can ask about all of your concerns and questions. 

If you have a trusted family orthodontist or practitioner, then you should consult with him to ask for the evaluation. But if there is no one in your acquaintance, then you should search for the best dentist in your area who can be trusted.

You can also search online for the best Invisalign providers and social media groups and forums where people discuss their cases and experiences. You can ask other people for their suggestions and second opinions because it is always advisable to take all the necessary measures. 

There is a Reddit subgroup regarding Invisalign, where people ask for the best providers, and that can also help you in your search. Moreover, it is always better to meet the provider face to face because it will provide you more confidence regarding the treatment options that are offered.

I visited multiple dentists before making my decision to select the provider. In fact, one of those dentists said that you should see a specialized orthodontist because your concerns are dangerous, and you need bite improvements and extensive tooth movements.

One advantage that I had was that my teeth were not much crooked, and I didn’t require much straightening treatments. Although what I needed was more sensitive because my bite issues were causing problems that could potentially lead to gum recession and bone loss.

Provider’s Role for Bad Invisalign Experiences

You can easily find many reviews on the internet with negative feedback and containing stories with bad experiences. There are people who are not happy with the final results of using Invisalign. But the most common thing among those reviews is that people said that their dentists were not able to properly move their teeth.

Furthermore, if the provider choice is not good, and your Invisalign treatment is not done right by the dentist, then there can be some catastrophic consequences. You can still end up with cavities, crooked teeth, jaw pain, gum issues, and a misaligned bite. Although it is all possible, the significant part still depends upon how you are treated.

In short, there is a possibility that you can spend a tremendous amount of money on your Invisalign treatment. But you can end up with the worst results having more critical dental issues as compared to the situation that you started with. Due to these possibilities, you can find negative Invisalign reviews.

To keep your Invisalign treatment from all of these negative results and possibilities, the first step must be developing an understanding regarding the role of your Invisalign provider. Another critical point is the belief that Invisalign treatment is only a sequence of plastic trays, and nothing more is a myth. 

Its results are efficient and impactful, and you have to go through yourself to experience that. Because as your treatment progresses, your dentist or the provider will have to make the right adjustments according to the Invisalign program plan that the software generates. If the treatment is going as per that plan that it is good enough, otherwise your provider works on the refinements to move teeth.

These are the reasons that you should always prefer orthodontists over dentists because they are more specialized in the field. They spend more years learning how to carefully align the stubborn teeth and to improve the overall health of your teeth, gums, and bites.

It doesn’t also mean that there will be no problem at all by choosing the orthodontists. You have to carefully analyze all of your available options and go with the one that suits you the best. It’s because health is a sensitive matter, and you should never take anything regarding your health for granted.

As far as my personal opinion and option go, I will always prefer an orthodontist over a dentist, but if you feel better and more trusted with the dentist, then you can have your choice. The vital takeaway point in this regard is that the Invisalign treatment goes seamlessly and smoothly, and if your dentist can perform it correctly, then that’s about it.

Keep in mind one last thing regarding the first step that if you want to undergo the short term Invisalign treatments like Invisalign express or Invisalign go. Then choosing the right provider becomes more critical because there is no place for errors in such treatments.

Invisalign Reviews

This must be the part you would have been waiting for, so let’s get into it. 

As discussed earlier, searching over the internet is always a significant step because it can reveal so much information for you. The reviews and ratings of Invisalign depend upon the different types of experiences that people share on the internet.

If you want to look up for a rating of a specific provider, then type the name of that provider and “Invisalign reviews” next to it. Most probably, you will find the comments of the prior patients of that provider, and it will give you an idea of what your plan of action should be. But you need to read and understand each review very carefully and never build any opinion if you have not finished reading a complete review.

If you find Invisalign review harmful about the provider you are looking for, then you should not consider going for your treatment to him/her. You can also contact those patients via their contact information if given to ask them if their teeth are correctly aligned or not.

Moreover, you also have to keep in mind that each person is unique, and every experience is different. One negative Invisalign review against a specific provider doesn’t make him/her bad, and you cannot face the problems that another patient did.

The purpose of checking the reviews that you need to build an understanding of all the possible scenarios that you can come across. 

You should also look forward to the expertise of providers, and all of them are categorized by the number of patients they treat.
The category list that is currently working is as followed:

  • The top tier of only one percent treats over 800 cases per year.
  • Elite Provider treats 300 above patients per year.
  • General provider treats at least ten patients per year.

So, going to the top tier of one percent of providers could be a bit too expensive, but you minimize the possibility of mistreatments by getting treatment from them. More experienced providers obviously face many cases, and they understand all the problems and their solutions regarding Invisalign treatment. This is one of the more essential points to consider while choosing the provider.

The stats show that most of the negative Invisalign reviews are provided by the patients about those providers who are less experienced. So, when it comes to your health, the cost should not be your concern because health is wealth.

How much does Invisalign cost?

When there are multiple options available for the treatment regarding the same disease or health issue, we always compare those options. Cost is traditionally at the top of the comparison list, and for Invisalign, our response is the same as how much does it cost? Is Invisalign worth it? 

I agree that it is always important to consider the cost that you will have to spend because we all have different financial conditions. That’s why I include cost information regarding Invisalign in this article. 

To put it simply, you will not find a standard or widely accepted Invisalign price because there is none in the market. All the providers set their own criteria of pricing, and there is also a lot of fluctuation in that. 

Speaking of a rough idea that you should keep in mind is that it will cost you about 3K Dollars to 10K dollars. Yes, this is an extensive range, and that is because the more experienced, elite or top providers charge a whole lot of money as compared to the inexperienced ones. Most of them also provide value for your money as well.

When I jumped into the river to find the right provider, I even had a quote of $9500 from the top one percent provider. So, if you are on budget or price-conscious, then you should definitely search for better and cheaper options.

I almost forgot one thing, that if you prefer a dentist over an orthodontist, then you will be trading expertise, skills, and quality by paying less.

Does Your Insurance Cover it?

Yes, I know, after reading that big of an amount, you must be thinking whether your insurance covers Invisalign or not. Well, I want to answer It simply, but that is not the case unfortunately because it totally depends upon the company you are connected to. Because some of them cover Invisalign, and some do not.

The only and simple way to confirm is to call your insurance provider and ask them directly if they cover Invisalign or not. If we talk about well-known dental insurance companies, then approximately all of them provide orthodontic lifetime maximum. It means that they allocate a substantial amount of money for your dental treatment, and once you have consumed that, you will be liable to pay the rest. 

Moreover, most of the time, you get the money back from your insurance in installments, which takes a lot of time to fully recover. The installments with little amount don’t make much difference as compared to the complete cheque upfront.

Invisalign Payment Process

If you have the money in hand and you want to pay it at once, you have that option. But the good news is that you can also get a payment plan for your Invisalign treatment made by your provider, and you can pay it monthly within a year or two.

Traditionally the benefit of paying the whole amount upfront is that you get up to six percent of the discount. Additionally, if it is the cash that you are paying, then you can even get more discount on that as well.

So, if you are someone who wants to undergo the Invisalign process, then you should start saving the money for your treatment right now. Because even if you get your payment plan made, you will have to pay 500-600 dollars as a down payment.

Is there any Consultation Fee?

This is yet another good news that not all the Invisalign providers charge you the consultation fee. In fact, most of them offer a free consultation session, which also means that you are not bound to undergo the treatment process with the provider you consulted first.

You can visit as many providers as you wish until you find the Invisalign provider that connects with you, and you can feel comfortable with him/her. It is imperative because the Invisalign treatment is a long process, and you will have to spend a lot of time with your provider.

When you first visit any provider, whether it is a dentist or orthodontist, s/he will take a look at your teeth keenly by observing your bite, mouth, jaw shape, and more. Furthermore, s/he will tell you if Invisalign will suit you or not.

Yes, there are possibilities where you will have to undergo other types of treatments such as traditional braces or even jaw surgery if required. Because Invisalign can resolve many dental problems, but not all of them.

Once you have gone through all of these stages, your journey with Invisalign can start, and you can enter the fun part. 

On the first day of treatment, the provider will take photographs and the X-Ray series of your mouth. Moreover, s/he will use the scanning machine or take a mold to get the exact dimensions of your mouth.

Tip: I will always recommend you to choose the provider who has the digital 3D imaging equipment because it is vital that s/he gets the most accurate 3-dimensional picture of your teeth. Additionally, the molds are not comfortable with producing and extremely messy.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with mold, then it is your choice, but your provider will press the mold filled with goo into your mouth. It will stay there for sometimes unless it hardens, and s/he will remove it.

If you can undergo that mess of the process, then it is your choice, but digital 3D imaging equipment is a way better option as far as my opinion is concerned.

Invisalign Working Process

There is a computer model for the work procedure from start to end to treat people with Invisalign. The work plan shows how each aligner will change its position to align the tooth with it with time, and the treatment progresses.

The program is very efficient, and it analyzes the information regarding each and every patient and provides the information to make necessary changes. According to those instructions and pieces of information, your provider will work and tweak the changes to finalize the whole plan.

The Invisalign generates a sequence of multiple aligners that collectively work to straighten and align your teeth. The software plan also generates a short imagery video that shows the whole progress and your teeth getting straightened with each tray.

Does it sound strange? Are you still thinking about how those transparent aligners move and align your teeth? Will it even work for you? Let me answer these questions. 

According to the 3D image that your provider would initially take, a plan for your treatment is generated. Based on that plan, Invisalign moves every tooth very subtly with the progression of your treatment when the trays are changed. Every tray moves your teeth very slightly except the first one, which is only attached to help you to get used to it.

With the course of your treatment, the trays are changed continuously after a week or two, which slightly moves your teeth to shift them towards their protected places. Once you reach the point where you do not need any more movements, the treatment ends.

You will have to keep the trays in your mouth for about 20-22 hours a day for the best and quick results. Moreover, if you don’t keep them in for the required time, your teeth might start getting back to their angular positions as well.

That’s why the most recommended duration to keep the tray in is 20-22 hours each day. Otherwise, your treatment process will take longer than expected. We all want to have an ideal smile and bite, but for that, you will have to become a vigilant and disciplined patient. It might hurt you a little at the start, but when it ends, and you have the results you sought for, then all of your efforts will be worth it.

How Long Does the Straightening Process Take?

Well, the ideal period of time that the process takes is about 10-15 months, but again, it depends upon your attitude. You can either get your Invisalign process completed within this ideal time, or you can stretch it as long as you want.

To meet the projected timeline, you will have to strictly follow the instructions of your provider because I have not seen or met a single patient meeting the ideal time, just because of the reason that they did not keep the Invisalign tray inside their mouth for 20-22 hours a day. So, they had to spend additional 8-10 months to get their treatment completed.

With that said, you also have to keep in mind that the ideal projected time might differ for your case because each and every patient is unique. But either way, what I have always seen is the forwarding of the timeline because of carelessness. I am not saying that it never happens; I am just stating that I have never come across the person who has finished his/her treatment in the projected time.

Tip: Never rush for the completion, and if you feel any problem with the alignment or any unusual behavior, then never keep it from your provider. Keep in mind that it also works on the “Better Late Than Never” rule.

Keep Track of Your Treatment’s Progress

It is one of the most important things that you should always keep track of whether your Invisalign treatment is making any progress or not. If your teeth are moving and your trays are being changed, it means that the treatment is working. On the other hand, if you feel that there is a distance between the tray and the teeth, it indicates that your teeth are not moving.

Whatever you feel, deliver it to your provider, and if your teeth are not moving as expected, then you will have to wear the old tray to apply the required force that your teeth need to move. Again, it happens due to the reason when you don’t keep the trays in for 20-22 hours a day.

This is yet another reason why Invisalign reviews negative. People do not follow the instructions and the required disciplinary actions, and when the process takes a long time, they end up giving bad reviews.

There can be such times where it is required to wear metal braces to move the most stubborn last teeth. Well, Invisalign is an alternative for those people who do not like to wear metal braces. But when it comes to moving the stubborn teeth, either you will have to wear Invisalign for twice the time as compared to the metal braces. If you can bear your Invisalign trays for that long, then you have it.

Does Invisalign Cause Any Pain?

To answer this question simply, yes, it does but a little at the initial stage, and then you get used to it. As per my own experiences and other reviews, in the initial months, it can hurt a little too much. But when you wear them regularly, there will not be much of a pain. 

The intensely painful process in taking the trays off and with the course of treatment, you will adjust to the pain. The pain caused still feels a fair trade when you get your final result as the ideal bite and smile that you want.

The intensity of pain again varies from person to person, and if your teeth are not much crooked, then you might not feel any pain at all. Even if you do, it will be in your initial months, and in your last sets of trays, you will not feel any noticeable pain even when pulling them off.

Are Invisalign Trays Noticeable?

If you want to prefer Invisalign just for the reason that you do not like the shiny metal braces on your teeth because of their clear visibility, then you can consider it. But strictly speaking, it is not the case that Invisalign trays are not noticeable.

For example, if someone is meeting you face to face s/, he will quickly notice it, but in a group photo, it will not be noticeable. Even if Invisalign is visible, it does not disqualify it because no one can question your desire to align and straighten your teeth.

Eating Experience with Invisalign and Diet!

Yes, this yet another factor you must be concerned about, and your concern is real because it becomes excruciating. On top of that, you will have to spare 5-10 minutes to clean and floss your teeth after each meal. It simply means that you will be spending approximately half an hour in your bathroom just to clean your teeth daily.

If you add up this time with the ideal wearing time of Invisalign per day, you will be left with only one and a half hours to eat all of your daily meals. You will also have to leave casual eating and snacking as long as your Invisalign treatment is on the go.

This all means that your eating-habits will be entirely changed, and you will have to quit eating at parties and whatnot. Otherwise, you will be spending more time watching the clock to check how many more minutes you can spare.

To manage the eating problem more efficiently, I recommend you to make a separate diet plan for your Invisalign treatment duration. If you are conscious of his/her overweight, then Invisalign treatment is the golden time for you to lose some kilograms. 

It’s because the eating experience with Invisalign treatment going on is a real painful process, and you would prefer skipping your meals of the day. So, making a diet plan for that duration is a wise idea, and it can work wonders for you. 

Note: If you are a person who is prone to get cavities in your teeth, especially molars, then with Invisalign, there is a high chance that you will get some. So, consulting with your provider regarding this matter is very important.

How to Clean your Invisalign Trays?

The best and most efficient way to clean your trays is the time when you are going to take your meal. You can put them in a mug filled with any instant cleaner. Additionally, you can also clean them up gently with a soft toothbrush before wearing them again.

Avoid drinking anything other than the pure water to keep them clean while you are wearing them. While your Invisalign trays are inside your mouth, drinking beverages can cause cavities, and it is not worth it. 

You will also have to eat and drink approximately all of the time from your home because it will not be a feasible option to clean your tray and teeth in public. Moreover, you will also have to use the sink water from a publicly used sink, and it can potentially contaminate your aligners with the unwanted germs.

Can Invisalign Cause Black Triangles?

Unfortunately, Invisalign can cause black triangles because, very often, it is the case, then the gums cannot reach at the height of the overlapping teeth after they are aligned. If you feel that your teeth are somewhat triangular in shape, then most likely, you will end up getting the black triangles.

If you have rectangular-shaped teeth, then there is nothing to worry about because your teeth will not only be touching from the tips, and they sit side by side. In the case of triangular teeth, the tip of each tooth touches the other ones, and that’s why they cause the triangular empty spaces between the teeth.

There are several workarounds to handle this problem, such as IPR (interproximal reduction), papilla injections, and dental bonding, but they can cost you a whole lot of time and money as well. For that matter, you must consult your provider before undergoing the Invisalign treatment process if that could be the possibility in your case.

Although it is not even possible for the providers as well to tell with 100 percent certainty if that is going to happen with you or not, but s/he can give you the idea and the approximation of probability if that can happen.

Invisalign Retainer?

Yes, you heard it right; even if your treatment process is completed and you have gone through all of your Invisalign trays, you still have to wear the retainer. At the start, your provider will advise you to wear the retainer for the same time 20-22 hours a day for about two months at most

After that, you will only have to wear it only for the night, and you will have to keep this practice as long as your provider will advise. Yes, I know it feels a little daunting, but believe me, you would never want to go through all the hassle of aligning your teeth again if they get back to their distorted positions.

Is Invisalign Worth It?

Well, if you ask me, then my simple answer is that it sure does, but again I am only speaking under the umbrella of my own experience. Moreover, when I was searching around to choose the provider, each former Invisalign user that I came across, used to share his/her stories with me. 

How they had to bear all the strenuous routine, pain, and quitting casual eating and snacking. But each one of them also shared the same feeling that it was totally worth it, and the same is the case with me. 

If you are planning to go for Invisalign treatment because of your dental problems like bite issues, gum issues, crooked teeth, then undoubtedly you will face some difficulties and pain. But once you’d reach the other side, you will also definitely say the same that “It was totally worth it.”

Invisalign Versus Braces

When I was at the second set of my Invisalign trays, one of my molars was so stubborn, and it was taking so much time to move. So, my provider suggested that it will be very time efficient if I get metal braces for that molar. I agreed as no one could see the metal braces on molars.

It took only about a couple of weeks for that molar to move towards the desired place, and my provider told me that it could have taken more than a couple of months if I kept going with my Invisalign trays.

The takeaway here is that the braces undoubtedly are more time-efficient, but they are very easily noticeable even from a distance. But it still doesn’t make Invisalign any less efficient when it comes to steady progress.

Those claims that say that Invisalign is but a scam and it does not work are totally wrong, and they can surely work on you. It solely depends upon your requirements and the health and condition of your teeth.

Wrap Up

If you are still confused, then you should see a well-reputed provider and consult about your case. Learning and getting information is good, but it can never be an alternative to the professional and expert’s advice. If you have already taken your turn, then let me know about your experience and thought in the comments below.

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