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Are You flossing every day? We didn't think so.

Flossing is important to oral health, yet 80% of Americans skip it. Here's why you shouldn't be one of them. Flossing regularly helps prevent:
bad breath
gum disease
heart disease
some cancers

Build lifelong flossing habits

Flosstime is the world's first automated floss dispenser that builds lifelong habits, dispensing the perfect amount of floss with a single touch.

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Frowns when you forget to floss.

Smiles when you remember.

Flosstime makes flossing easy & nearly impossible to forget




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Easy and economical. Our subscription delivers floss right to your door exactly when you need it!

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Built for families

Gently remind your partner and child to floss with our dual user mode. It’s a competition where everyone wins!

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Healthy habits start early

You already have to remind your kids to wash their hands, cover their cough, and "for goodness sake, don't eat off the floor!" Let us remind them about flossing.

Our fun LED lights and cute animal snap-ons make kids excited to floss!

What people says about Flosstime...

"A must-have for teaching kids good oral hygiene habits"

"Flosstime must be the simplest 'smart' gadget you've seen"

"Your device has gotten to me floss more than I have in the las 5 years combined!"

"Attaches right to your bathroom mirror so you'll never forget"

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"A must-have for teaching kids good oral hygiene habits"